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REMEMBER THE GOAL is an inspirational drama about a girls cross country team. It is the story of a female Coach, just out of college, who takes over the cross country program at an all girls private Christian school and sets a goal for them to win their first ever state title. This movie is family friendly and is only coming to theaters. (no dvd, vod, tv, or netflix, just theaters!).

REMEMBER THE GOAL has multiple life lessons for Teens, Parents and Coaches.

- For Teens. This movie tries to give them a purpose in life. It encourages teens to obey their parents instead of disobeying them behind their back. The movie shows you one way to help a friend who struggles with the problem of smoking weed. This film presents a message about self image that can forever solve that problem so many people deal with!

- For Parents. It will make parents think about the way they address their children and what should be priority in life.

- For Coaches. It will make a Coach consider changing the way they lead their team, with this particular principle applying to any sport.

Dave Christiano, the film's director, is a former cross country runner in high school and college, plus he has coached two cross country teams. He is passionate about running and has ensured that this movie represents the true world of his sport. The cross country scenes are very realistic and correctly presented.

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5 Reasons Your Teen Should See REMEMBER THE GOAL

by Brian Dean (Article originally posted on 102.9 FM Radio, Broken Arrow, OK)

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Cast of Remember the Goal

Allee-Sutton Hethcoat | Quinn Alexis | Sydney Marks | Margaret Tant | McKensie Miller | Jayla Palmer

REMEMBER THE GOAL presents training principles that will help any runner or Coach in cross country.

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Five & Two History

Five & Two Pictures distribution was formed by twin brothers Dave and Rich Christiano. Born and raised in Waterloo, New York, the Christiano Brothers produced their first film in 1985. Since that time, they have produced 16 movies. Their first eight films were all shorter movies under an hour in length, then in early 2000 they began to produce feature length films for theatrical release. You can read more about the Christiano Brothers here.

In 2002, the Brothers first theatrical release was TIME CHANGER, a time travel movie that opened on October 25th in 169 theaters and eventually played in 310.

On April 28th, 2006, Five and Two Pictures released their second film, a drama about UFO's entitled UNIDENTIFIED. This was a smaller platform release, opening in 6 theaters and playing in a total of 85.

On February 15th, 2008, film number three, a love story ME & YOU, US FOREVER, was released to 83 theaters.

THE SECRETS OF JONATHAN SPERRY, a heartwarming period piece set in 1970, was the fourth film from Five and Two Pictures. It opened in 118 theaters on September 18th, 2009 and ended up playing in 313.

Five & Two Pictures also distributed AMAZING LOVE, the story of Hosea, a non-theatrical release in May 2012.

Film six, A MATTER OF FAITH, played its first theater on September 19, 2014. This movie is currently in selected theaters for single night showings and has played in over 200 so far.

Film seven is called POWER OF THE AIR. This dramatic feature film deals with the influence of Hollywood and the media on people's lives. It features in the lead roles Nicholas X. Parsons, Patty Duke, Michael Gross, Tracy Goode and Karyn Williams. It is being planned for theatrical release but the date has been pushed back and is presently not set. It will now come out in 2017.

Film eight is REMEMBER THE GOAL, a movie about a high school girls cross country team. This is set for a theatrical release on August 26, 2016 and will come to "theaters only" with a long plan release schedule being set up for it.

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